How we're different

We are different than private equity and strategic acquirers: we take a decades-long approach to ownership and look to maintain the culture of the business and legacy of the seller after the acquisition is complete. We purchase from owners who care about the future of their companies, customers, and communities. 

We view people as the most important asset to any organization. We will work with the owner to ensure the employees are set up for success after the sale is complete.

We can provide flexibility in terms of both the transition period and seller's involvement after the sale: we can help the owner exit the business immediately or remain with the business for a desired period of time.


what to expect

Our goal is to make the sale process as seamless as possible in order to minimize the distraction to employees and customers. We will also work to develop a relationship with the owner early in the process in order to pave the way for a smooth transition after the acquisition closes.

Our committed pool of capital allows us to close transactions quickly, usually within 60 days of initial contact.